About Markets for Natural Climate Solutions

Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) draw on the power of nature to actively manage land use emissions, remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it in natural systems.
NCS are one of the most cost-effective forms of CO2 management and can make a critical contribution to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.
However, at present, only a fraction of the financing aimed at addressing climate change is allocated to this activity.


Global markets for carbon credits generated from Natural Climate Solutions which enables private sector investment at scale.


To maximise business investment in natural climate solutions to ensure it plays the fullest role possible in delivering the goals of the Paris Agreement. We are committed to creating global markets for carbon credits generated from natural climate solutions that:

  • Have high environmental integrity
  • Empower and benefit local communities
  • Are driven by demand from compliance obligations
  • Have fungibility of units and accounting certainty between systems
  • Support large scale investment and broad participation
  • Deliver price transparency and foresight 

Actionable Ideas

The IETA Markets for NCS Initiative has developed a number of actionable ideas which have been proposed to willing nations.

These include:

Article 6 NCS Pilot Projects
To start to build a supply of international carbon credits, willing nations could develop a number of Article 6 NCS pilot projects. Credits are generated from a variety of emission reduction and removal projects, and those credits are then used towards the NDCs of both Japan and the host countries.
Public-Private NCS Fund
A nation could create a public-private fund to purchase international NCS credits in larger volumes. The fund could be capitalised with a mixture of public and private finance.
Carbon Tax or Market Evolution
Nations with a carbon tax or emissions trading system could accept offsets from neighbors in a region, or elsewhere in the world, as compliance instruments in their system.
Carbon Market Portal
This would help ensure environmental integrity, provide disclosure surrounding the role of NCS credits in delivering companies’ net zero targets and rewarding developing country hosts with a path to early investment by the private sector.